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'Lomilomi is a profound rite of passage, an initiation. It is a spiritual healing which leads to your physical and emotional healing. Deep, flowing, luxurious Lomi cleanses the body and allows increased light to enter your bones, organs and tissues. In Lohe lima, we sense elemental imbalances, soreness, held energy and any trauma in your body. Lomi is prayer, poetry in motion. The heart allows the flow of unconditional love. Lomi is life loving life. Grace heals through us. It is the aloha, the love, that heals, not technique. And every benefit the receiver gains is always given back to the giver. The more lomi you receive, the looser and more open your body and being. Moreover, each initiation you undergo can carry a deep intention for your life. Huna and Lomi, the teachings of ancient Hawaii, are a direct access to the Truth of life, the essence of the love that you are, the aloha in all manifestation. You are all that is, the source and appearance of all that rises and falls in awareness, nothing else is ever happening. The Kahuna knows that life’s dream is the expression of wholeness, of aloha unfolding, there is nothing to search for. What is, is perfection. A paradox that runs through all my work and my life!'

Joy Hicklin-Bailey


To read more about the benefits of lomi see .. How does lomi benefit me?

you will learn in depth much of the following, as appropriate to this group


Waves of Aloha,Touching Presence
4 day Retreat -enjoy Sacred Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage & Ritual  & special Ho’oponopono teaching & ceremony
  Stroud, Gloucestershire (1 hrs London, 1 hr Birmingham)
Next course dates tbc
I found myself going very deep in both the giving and receiving which was amazing.  I felt liberated and free.  It was one of the best retreats that I have ever attended.  The venue and food were great.  There was a lot of good bonding at Mayfaire.  The atmosphere was very good. We all worked very well together. Anthony
Heart opening & surprisingly challenging, re ignited a need in me for truth. Thank you very much. I would love to do further work with you both. There was a rawness to how I experienced myself this weekend, something to do with feeling safe to reveal myself.  Sam Wheadon. Bristol
Experienced professional masseurs and those new to healing practices and massage are welcome, as are those experienced lomi practitioners who wish to reconnect with the spirit and power of lomi and aloha and create a nourishing space to be The field will give everyone exactly what they need. The novice and expert are one once the shamanic portals are opened.
For you if you wish to create sacred space to open shamanically in relation to issues and visions of your choice and explore lomi deeply.
The leaders and kings of ancient Hawaii received many massages over many days before taking up their worldly roles. This will be a rich and rewarding journey with the potential for lifechanging openings.

Wonderful and deeply moving, I feel fantastic, very alive I f eel very grateful and privileged to have been involved and would certainly love to work with you again. Alaina  Halford, Strensham

This retreat can bring very significant shifts in your life experience, allowing you freedom from old patterns of limitation and more of the natural happiness and freedom of being. We work with the physical, emotional and energetic levels of being to encourage through loving, vibrant touch, the wholeness that is your birthright. The aloha of our circle, the unconditional love and acceptance of all that you are, invites a deep let-go on physical, emotional and energetic levels. Lomi supports every other exploration and modality you or your clients may be involved with. Our long, flowing, endless infinity movements with their oceanic rhythm embrace and nurture you and allow a cellular realisation of oneness and the wonder of aliveness.

powerful ..with many insights and tools I know will enrich my life. Thank you Richard Mellor, Bristol

This is a rare opportunity for all who wish to invite more of the intimacy and healing of touch into their lives, a way of creating sacred ground within and without whilst enjoying the deepening friendship and joy of a circle of those equally committed to truth and aloha. Suitable for all, beginner or advanced. You will have lots of opportunity to give and receive the gentle and profound and gorgeous Hawaiian Kahi Loa and Lomilomi Nui healing touch. These were used in ancient healing initiations to fully integrate physical and spiritual energy and promote the free flow of life energy and joyous fulfilment. This energetic healing and deep tissue massage quiets the mind, cleanses the emotional body, opens energy channels and can release toxins and relieve many old layers of tension, pain and conditioning in the physical body. You will experience how it can be combined with powerful yet simple Huna rituals, shamanic journeys, forgiveness work and profound meditations,. A deeper realization that all is one and that there is no separation can result.

It is beautiful work -sharing and responding, nourishing each other through gentle non invasive touch, meditation and being together in the way we all need need deeply and can claim again. Learning lomilomi is a way to begin or deepen a profound, cleansing, healing journey for yourself and to learn how to facilitate that for others. The retreat is suitable for those who wish to share touch with loved ones, family or friends and also for those who work as healers or therapists. You will discover how to be more and more fully present with the person you are with, to create safety and holding, how to be sensitive to what is being held and what is ready for release and to facilitate a deeper opening in your receiver to an even fuller surrender to their true nature. We will also do some voice work with the ancient sacred chants which resonate with the very essence of what the words invoke. Lomilomi  helps those with unresolved past trauma, poor self image, stress, lack of self-esteem and confidence, relationship challenges, unhelpful habits or addictions, confused direction, and busy minds. Most important, it is also for those who wish to know the nature of life and being, who wish to be their divine, awakened aliveness more and more in ordinary life.

For more information about living a soulful life/what happens on a lomi retreat

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Limited places  - Join us in this sacred circle and catch the early booking discounts. We have couple /2 person discounts too.


Thank you so much for the Lomi course. I loved the more intimate smallness of the group & the warm glow of the "family" atmosphere at Mayfaire. Richard Cottee, Essex

It truly was wonderful & I have been feeling so relaxed and nourished.  & much more secure & grounded in myself.  So many enlightening & healing & helpful things....relaxed into enjoying myself & having fun....glorious!  I feel so much lighter! Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

Thank you again for a beautiful nourishing 4 days. Mel Trievnor stroud



Gaining confidence in my ability to see - quieting the mind so the life within me can do the work it needs to. To become a vessel for spirit and witness how clearly two souls can communicate when we get out the way is magical. Just do it!

Jemma, Dorset

A major breakthrough for me.

Susan Coyne, Lancs


Clearing, amazing, powerful

Laura Campbell, Swindon



Come experience the delicious openings that 4 days of profound massage in a powerful energetic field can give you


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A big Mahalo for the wondeful Lomi Lomi Workshop. Your facilitation and gentle approach made me feel very safe, and held in what was altogether a very nurturing space. Thanks you so much. I felt a real cleansing and shedding of emotions -Loved it and want lots more!! Would like a longer course next time cos Im wanting to learn more!

Anna Donaldson, Edinburgh



How to Book

you will receive many benefits by booking your place on this retreat:

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For 3 nights I've dreamt I'm receiving lomi and woken up feeling wonderful.   When I woke I could feel love energy stretching out through my body. I feel like the lomi got in to my bones and in to the cells of my body. Thank you Joy. Love XXXXX

Susan Sheddan, London






From: joy1@secretgarden.eu. com


a real opportunity to practise being present with out trying to get anywhere.. no where to go, nothing to get. It was if I was given permission to be a man....

Dave Stork, Cheltenham


Lomi Retreat Booking Details
How to Book
Best Early Booking
By tbc
£289 Course fee plus Catered  Sat supper, £18, Sun vegan soup, cheese, cake lunch £8.50, Sun supper £18 and Mon lunch (as for sun) £8.50
TOTAL £362 (accom,  hot tub & breakfast  are available if required)

You can pay by free

Cheque to Joy Hicklin-Bailey
and post to Mayfaire, Slad Valley, Nr Painswick, Glos GL6 7QD or;

PayPal  (for deposit only).
Please email to confirm transfer date sent & likely arrival, amount, your reference, so that we can match it with your booking. We will then know to make arrangements for you. Please also email when booking form (pdf) is in post.
We will send full joining instructions on receipt.
Early Booking by tbc
£319 Course fee plus Catered  Sat supper, £18, Sun vegan soup, cheese, cake lunch £8.50, Sun supper £18 and Mon lunch (as for sun) £8.50
TOTAL £372 (accom,  hot tub & breakfast  are available if required)
Pay in Full
£339 Course fee plus Catered  Sat supper, £18, Sun vegan soup, cheese, cake lunch £8.50, Sun supper £18 and Mon lunch (as for sun) £8.50
TOTAL £392 (accom,  hot tub & breakfast  are available if required)
Old Town Hall, central Stroud (1 hr 40 from London
Extra 2 person discount
£19 per person (Couples always receive this, or 2 friends not met via SG, where one is new to the work)
Bonus 2 groups Booking Discount:
If booking at same time as these days/weekends, New Year Retreat or Joyful Loving & Most Intimate Ongoing Training
Both groups must be booked by tbc
£19 discount off each course if booked at same time
Payment includes  
Course fee,  refreshments
Please bring massage oil, 2 towels, a single sheet, lunch to share for 2nd, 3rd and 4th  days, a massage table if you have one

Go to yellow booking box at bottom of page

Carole Clements, Bath

Booking Information starts here

Receive huge personal benefits

A demo of the basic back strokes you can learn at a Secret Garden Lomilomi retreat

A demo of some Lomilomi strokes on the front of the body

The paradox of beingness beyond stories & the feeling body - & why intimacy can feel so frightening

Matthew Hart, from Bristol, talks about his experience of the power & depths of lomi lomi massage

Joy is a beautiful person and fantastic to work with, She is very knowledgeable and an expert facilitator, many thanks Joy

Alaina Halford